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  • 心月奇姬 KATE 像月亮女神般皎潔無瑕,散發自信
    光芒,溫柔婉約,以月亮的新月和盈月 設計出臉部
    巧妙結合成一個滿月造型 ,化繁瑣為簡約的高效護
    膚, 一機滿足肌膚保養各種需求, 美麗可以很時尚,
    僅有8.2 公分,USB插槽,輕鬆帶著走
    Moon Kate has two machines that shaped like the
    new moon and the waxing moon combine
    together and become a full moon. The
    interesting design make Moon Kate looks clean
    and flawless, gives off the vibes of the goddess of
    the moon.
    Moon Kate is a game changer that looks
    fashionable. Its compact design with USB port
    also makes it very convenience to use.

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